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It has social networking aspects such as a blog and an add a friend feature. OKCupid allows users to create an individual matching system in order to find the most compatible singles.Users can take over a dozen quizzes and answer hundreds of questions on everything from whether or not they believe in love at first sight, to questions about values and morals, to really narrow down their matches.We've exchanged some emails, chatted a few times on MSN, and made plans to meet for a coffee or a drink. Contrast this with the number of women who put "no games" on their profile or their Craig's List ad.The day before (or of) our date, she bails on me with some excuse about being busy with work or not feeling well, and says "let me know if you still want to meet sometime! Any one or two incidents and I would believe I'm just unlucky.One thing I learned about Internet sex is you have to be fairly pushy and fast.

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It could be many things but...of it should be taken seriously I think. They are not really lying to you but they are pursing more than one option.

We’ve all seen in the news that scammers prey on dating sites.

They’re the scourge of the industry that we’re proud to be in, and we work hard every day to stop them from joining and ruining the party.

You'll also get free relationship coaching via blogs and a popular message board.

This site is for people looking for dates and also for casual flings. Date is another one that uses an algorithm to match users.