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We offer a variety of news products and services so you can access the legislative updates, primary source releases, pronouncements, general business and specific industry news, and of course, exclusive Reuters, World Trade Executive, Boskage and others — and you’ll see why Checkpoint delivers the most comprehensive research solutions available for federal tax, state and local tax, international tax, audit, accounting, finance, trade and employee benefits professionals.Learn More Gain the knowledge you need, make certification compliance a snap, improve retention and develop your staff, all with Checkpoint Learning.Alternatively, you can ask for your IDs to be linked to Zuora's SID at the chain level, which ensures the link is done at the company level and any merchant IDs associated with the company will be linked automatically to Zuora's SID.Please ensure both your Orbital Production and Test accounts are linked.ics_rcode=0 ics_rflag=SPARTIALAPPROVAL ics_rmsg=Request was partially approved. auth_request_currency=USD auth_account_balance=0.00 auth_account_balance_currency=usd auth_request_amount=7011.00 auth_auth_response=100 auth_auth_code=888888 auth_rcode=0 auth_rflag=SPARTIALAPPROVAL auth_rmsg=Request was partially approved.

I nearly called AMEX to make sure there wasn’t a problem with my card.

Zuora does not support the Orbital Gateway (Tampa Platform) so please make sure your gateway account is configured using the right host platform.

If you are not sure which hosting platform your Orbital Gateway is using, the Orbital Gateway (Tampa Platform) uses BIN 000002) and has a 12 digit PNS Merchant ID number.

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