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The old A1 was inadequate for the volume of traffic using it and had what would now be considered a substandard alignment and poor quality junctions.

However, the opening of the motorway and consequent rerouting of A1 traffic still left behind a route of considerable size and capacity. At the far northern end of the scheme, the Micklefield Bypass was removed entirely and returned to nature.

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To do this we will link your Mail Online account with your Facebook account.Because the Brussels Ring and Antwerp Ring can already no longer manage the traffic at certain times, the "super motorway" would do nothing but move the traffic jams from the A1 to the interchanges near Antwerp and Brussels.This broad central reservation, including the unnecessarily long bridges over the A1, along with the partly unused interchange in Mechelen and the lamps that light the unused central reservation, is an urban planning blunder. Shortly after the Dutroux affair, in 1997, trees have been planted on a part of the central reservation in commemoration of killed children, the so-called "Witte Kinderbos" ("White Children's Forest").It is optionally protected from circular references so you can avoid Stack Overflow Exception easily.Provides fluent API while building a visitor which increases code readability in terms of recognizing the hierarchy being built right away from the code.Between Boot and Shoe and Selby Fork, the A1 had historically formed a multiplex with the A63, and so the route was left to the A63 with some modifications.At the southern end, the road was unchanged and was reclassified as an extension of the A162.Two lanes narrow to one and the central reservation ends.The A1 is a major Belgian motorway linking the capital Brussels to Antwerp and then to the Dutch border turning to the A16 in the Netherlands. Remarkable between Antwerp and Brussels is the exceptional broad central reservation (40 m wide over a length of about 35 km).Some of functionalities: are visiting properties by matching owner type and name (or only type), visiting through items in collecitons, specifying depth, custom expression for changing property value, cloning etc.//example 1 - IVisitor that visits properties by property names and/or types (start from Type Walker class): var type Visitor = Type Walker new Common Type ) .