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Examples: Word Press, Drupal Enterprise Content Management (ECM)Link the acronym suggests, ECM systems are built to handle the content management needs of large enterprises.

They’re commonly used as a means for archiving content and documents in an organized fashion, with tools and features in place that can easily find content and relate it to other information.

“Content Management” can be a problematic term: it’s something that everyone needs, and yet it seems to mean so many different things.

In the most literal sense, it means exactly what it says – managing content.

The latest cabin management system from FDS Avionics, Smart Cabin CMS, provides integrated entertainment, climate, and information controls.

You can build new pages and even create new categories With 2 - 3 hours of training , which is included in the design fee, you'll be updating your own website through our CMS.This allows our team to test all hardware and software on-site, prior to delivery.We quality check each unit and ensure each complete In-flight Entertainment and Cabin Management System functions flawlessly.We also include 1 hour of training on sizing your images using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Photoshop Elements.Our custom designed content management system is available to every website hosted at studio x, inc.That barebones definition can mean organizing your i Tunes library, editing video footage, or even scrapbooking.But in the technical business space, “content management” is closely associated with different systems that do similar things, yet excel in particular features.We believe every website, regardless of size or complexity, should have a content management system (CMS).A CMS allows you to update your website with common editing tools so you don't have to be a developer or "know code" to make changes to your website. If you're not already familiar with a CMS like Word Press, you will get up to speed faster and make changes much more efficiently with a custom CMS.Here are a few examples of how our clients have applied a customized database content management system to their needs.We currently have over 100 clients updating their own websites using this system. studio x empowers our clients to manage their own presence, site & strategy.