Aegee speeddating osnabruck 2016

It is not only planned to show you the inside of the well-known Volkswagen plant, but also have a look inside of the Adidas distribution center and the modern Solarlux company.

START Summit 2017 gathers the most talented students from business and tech universities throughout Europe.

The language quiz was definitely the most popular activity, since it was organized by eleven antennae.

What is your best way to connect with Europe’s elite of young shapers?

Beyond the “usual” tasks of organisers, their members still delivered sessions of the Network Meeting (NWM), which again demonstrated excellent commitment, reaching beyond all expectations.

Furthermore the wonderful organisation, the delicious food, a panel discussion after the meeting with the Mayor of Osnabrück, awesome parties every night and always cheerful organisers made 50 participants very happy!

The nomination for them to be Local of the Month (Lo M) comes from Mareike (Sub Commie), Julia Fuss (Network Commission Assistant) and Andrea Schmeltz (Network Commissioner) who speak very fondly of the event: “At the end of May an amazing event took place, particularly because the organisers did an extraordinary job.

15 super active members organised this four day event for 50 participants and nothing was missing!