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"But I am not that kind of person."The other option was to stay in the park and have sex with older men, or anyone ...

that asked for it for five or 10 euros [around and ] ...." His only shelter is a cheap tent that he shares with an Iranian asylum seeker.

The attacker was arrested on the same day and now sits in a police cell. According to Czech law fondling is sufficient to allegations of rape.

The 19 years old man arrived to the Czech Republic from Afghanistan and is not yet resident.

The little blue pill –- known locally by myriad names such as "cobra", "rocket" and even "family boosting tablet" -– was unknown to many Afghans before the US invasion in late 2001 that toppled the Taliban regime.

Such is its popularity in post-Taliban Afghanistan that it was reported the CIA, in an unusual incentive, were offering the potency drug to win over Afghan warlords and chieftains in the war against insurgents.

Please contact us if you have found inappropriate content.Marriage is often the only outlet for pent-up sexual desires, as dating or any social co-mingling of the sexes is frowned upon.But many young people cannot afford the steep bride price, a sort of reverse dowry that men pay to the girl's family.The father said he noticed at the time that his son was taking a long time to get changed, and that evening the boy told his parents what had reportedly happened.He told his parents that the man followed him into the cabin, pulled down his trousers and interfered with him.Child member of his family was in the hospital and he was accompanying it.The voice on the other end of the line was soothing, professional and reassuring: "Dear brother, don't be embarrassed. We'll help you find a solution without potency pills."But the country's youth have found a non-judgmental friend in a government helpline that offers advice on taboo subjects -- from ways to perk up virility to erectile dysfunction and even homosexuality."If you seek advice from friends or family members about treating impotence, you will be labelled immoral, shameless or unmanly," the caller, a young man in his 20s, told AFP after receiving expert advice.The incident occurred in a large hospital in Prague, Czech Republic, in its isolation ward. According to witnesses, the young man pulled the nurse to a place where they could not be seen and began to grope her.Fortunately the woman yelled for help and got it before he could rape her.Migrant raped nurse in a hospital in Prague, says the police.He attacked her at night During the night from Sunday to Monday an Afghani migrant raped nurse.