Alexa dating marriage

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez's romance may be new, but it's anything but casual. The sports star has two daughters, Ella and Natasha, with his ex-wife Natasha Alexander.

From musicians like Madonna to A-List actresses like Cameron Diaz, A Rod has had his fair share of girlfriends, exes and hookups, and they're all compiled here on this A Rod girlfriend list.

Jennifer Lopez, 47, and Alex Rodriguez, 41, have only been dating for a couple of months, so don’t count on a wedding happening this year.

“For a marriage or engagement to happen this year is a little far fetched and will probably be pushed to a later date, maybe 2018 or 2019” a source tells Hollywood EXCLUSIVELY.

They get each other in so many ways."One of those ways is likely that they are both parents to two children.

Yesterday the songstress did seemed to play it cool when she sounded off to E!