Alison haislip dating

Peter Parker makes a better boyfriend than a super narcissistic Norse god. I appreciate that, but I’m not someone who needs it.

He’s geeky, smart, and still has this fire and passion underneath.

On Saturday morning (June 3, 2017) the American Sun-Times reported Alison Haislip and boyfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings.

We have faith that she’ll continue making geekiness sexy with Attack co-host Candace Bailey, but just in case, we met up with her at the BLVD Hotel & Spa for this uber-hot photoshoot (before going home to create our new D&D character - a lithe, sexy elf called “Alysonn Haiislyyp”.

We just don’t know where we get our inspiration from, sometimes).

The actress confirmed at the start of the year that she is leaving Corrie after a decade of playing Carla Connor.

"I was meant to give myself four years at the most, and I've done an amazing ten years, but it's knackering," she told the Both Ryan and Alison have confirmed they are leaving the soap Ryan, meanwhile, also confirmed his plans to leave the ITV soap back in October, with his last scenes due to air in June.