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When I first became aware of Mylio I was in a bind, hoping desperately Apple was going to bring us an updated version of Aperture.

Aperture users had been waiting for years hoping for features that would compete with Adobe, and as for me I had invested heavily in the Apple ecosystem.

Montana lightning storm starts a hillside on fire in the Mission Valley near Ronan, Montana.

Ever worry about this happening to your photographic memories? It all began with an introduction to the photo program with the funny little name known as Mylio.

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It was probably about a year and half ago, my good friend and fellow Lumix Luminary, Keven Gilbert, introduced me to this new way of working with pictures and I was immediately impressed.

This lets you quickly find other active stations to communicate with.

Node owners can freely create a room ID using letters and numbers. Easy to understand, meaningful names, unique names, memorable names...

all are possible and can be used in a targeted search.

A history of previous nodes and rooms, and a memory function with five categories makes it a snap to find and connect with a particular ID.