Amy lee dating shaun morgan is alex day dating carrie

One being the promo photo from the cover of Seether’s ‘Careless Whisper’ single with Amy Lee’s face where Shaun’s is supposed to be — the accompanying message read, “Weird..

I stumbled upon this today online..” A few minutes later another photo appeared with the message “I love this album…” The image had Morgan’s face instead of Lee’s on the cover of Evanescence’s debut disc ‘Fallen.’ Most likely the guys in Seether were just having fun by posting funny pics they found of themselves online, but some of the comments showed that not all fans got the joke.

There are just some celebrity couples that we could never forget – even when they’ve broken up.

Luckily, we can always remember them and keep then close in our hearts from the music that they’ve left behind. These tracks get us feeling nostalgic about these past relationships we used to ship – RIP their love.

In May 1999, Morgan became the rhythm guitarist and back-up vocalist of a new band, Saron Gas.

There were four other members to the band; a female vocalist, a lead guitarist, bassist and drummer.

In his third year of playing rugby, Morgan injured his back and was unable to play anymore, which then lead to him following his passion of playing guitar.

After a series of comical photos were posted to Seether‘s Facebook page, the band shared a couple of really unusual images (above) where frontman Shaun Morgan had swapped faces with ex-girlfriend and Evanescence singer Amy Lee.

The post-break up relationship between Shaun Morgan and Amy Lee hasn’t been the most friendly situation.

When you're in a band like Seether, your worst fear isn't overdosing or dying in a tour bus crash or contracting an obscure and untreatable STD: It's having to get a day job. Superstar bands have no need to fear this, and baby bands probably already have day jobs, but the bands in the middle are the ones who worry: Maybe they had only one hit, a long time ago.

Maybe they had bad accountants or just enough success to get their hopes up.