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Unfortunately investigative journalism does not run on positive thinking, and we can’t keep complaining about the South African government if we’re not willing to support the few putting it all on the line to expose corruption.

I first began writing about the Gwala syndicate in January of this year, and for the first six months of this saga I was completely alone in exposing Gwala’s rhino killing spree, until finally in July police affidavits began to surface, confirming many of the facts in this organised crime case.

When Gwala was arrested back in December 2014, on charges of attempted murder and dealing in rhino horn, a spokesperson for the special operation stated that, “This man is the leader of KZN’s biggest rhino-poaching syndicate and about 80 percent of the horns in the province go through his hands.” JAMIE JOSEPH – activist, conservationist and founder of Saving the Wild – reports from the trial of alleged Kwa Zulu-Natal rhino poaching kingpin Dumisani Gwala.

Source: SA People …but perhaps the most inspiring progress of all was to see today’s courthouse packed with supporters from the Inkatha Freedom Party.

In the oral and written traditions of many cultures—ancient Mesopotamia, Asia Minor, North and South America, Egypt, China and Central and Eastern Europe—there are stories of “magicians” and “wizards” and “lords of great knowledge and skill”.

Supposedly, according to myth and legend, they taught our ancestors the rudiments of civilization.

I don’t want to be the male of the relationship, but with all these emotions, I kind of feel like I am. If we need to worry about who is walking Fido and you can’t bear to be away from him for a week while we’re on vacation, you’re probably better off finding another animal lover. Your Ex I used to lend a listening ear and a shoulder to cry on, but men who gush about their horrible breakup is now beyond my realm of patience.C., is perhaps the eighth wonder of the ancient world, and chronologically should be called the first. As David Childress has pointed out, it is impossible to accurately date megalithic blocks of stone because such dating methods such as carbon-14 dating can only be done on organic matter found in and around the site, not the structures themselves which are non-organic.Not far from Gobekli Tepe are the ruins of the ancient city of Urfa. That means, that these Neolithic sites could be far older than previously thought and literally date back to the beginnings of the first Europeans to inhabit those areas.Talking about Feelings I have a lot of feelings, so I don’t think I am ready to hear about yours… I’m sure this is directly correlated with my only child syndrome.It’s difficult for me to get past the three-date mark because a lot of guys seem to think there is a deep relationship forming after a dinner or two.Smart people are starting to notice that I am writing a lot less these days, and yet there is a lot more rhino poaching stories in mainstream news.I really don’t care for having my name attached to stories, especially since I am such a target now.It was there that the oldest known statue of a human being was ever found. Graham Hancock has suggested that this was built by the survivors of a now extinct lost civilization that ended around 9600 B. He further eludes to the assumption that this was built by non-whites.Its large head, long, narrowed face, and protruding nose, part of it wacked off perhaps centuries ago, prompting some like David Wilcock, ancient aliens expert and author of , to suggest that Urfa man was an “alien” wearing a strange space suit. In Fingerprints of the Gods, he calls them “proud Africans.” He has even suggested that this lost civilization was multicultural in nature, thereby trying to justify the anti-white agenda.The remains that have been found indicate that the area where Terrassa stands has been inhabited since prehistory.In 2005, during the construction of a tunnel for one of the citys railway lines, a prehistoric site was found in the Park of Vallparadis [1], with stone tools and fossils of hunted animals dating back 800,000 to 1,000,000 years, making this is one of the oldest prehistoric sites in Europe.