Battleclinic killboard not updating

The original plan was to move advanced features like market transaction tracking to a premium subscription service and use some of the money to help port the app to other platforms like Android-based phones and the new Windows phone.Talks with CCP stalled, with the company announcing plans to eventually create a deal that all app developers could take advantage of. Episode 11 – Show Notes Intros What we’ve been doing lately Feedback: ultim8evil ‏@The Ultim8Evil Jul 21 @The Neocom Do you guys have an ETA on the next release? N ‏@Mycale11 Jul 14 @The Neocom Listening to Ep 10 atm. As someone who missed a lot of stuff in the last couple of years, your podcast and website has been invaluable in helping me blow out the cobwebs, and get my head around all the changes.I’ve listened to your Capital Ships Tinfoil Factory podcast 3 times this week… Also, great singing @kiratsukimoto and good discussion on WH changes. I also find your love for the game infectious and it has helped me reinvigorate my approach to the game. i Tunes 5 Star Reviews: Suzuki Uta – Kira and the lonely truck driver are awesome. As soon as I listen to an episode, I can’t until the next one.

It’s great see the enthusiasm of people such as yourselves contributing to the great community that is the EVE player base.

players routinely step in to fill gaps in the game's functionality through the development of third-party applications, websites and tools.

Early apps like the EVEMon skill planner were very limited in what information they could access about a player's character, but with the introduction of the API system, a huge wealth of information became available.

Cap’n Nail – I’ve only been playing Eve about 2 weeks, and I’ve become obsessed.

This podcast gets me through the downtime between logins when real life calls.