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The DS-1 Distortion is easily the most recognizable guitar pedal in the world, and many a DIYer’s first step into the world of pedal mods.I don’t know of a guitar player who has never owned nor played through one before.Guitar pedals can be dated through a number of websites depending on brand.But, they can also be approximately dated by pot codes.Stomp on a CE-2 and its like taking a time-warp back to the ‘80s. I’m gonna skip ahead a little to 1988: The year that changed everything.Some early DOD FX-series pedals have stickers with the date of final assembly, but unlike Boss pedals, the month and year of manufacture is not encoded in its serial number.While this serial number decoder was developed to date Boss compact pedals, it should date most Roland and Boss products made from late 1977 that have one of the four types of serial number formats shown, including Roland amps and guitar synths.self proclaimed shoegazer, I, matt guess, review my favorite (and pretty much whatever I get my hands on) guitar pedals, rack f/x, budget home studio recording equipment and techniques, floss digital vs.

They really nailed many legendary sounds on the first try, I can only think of a few effects that they never successfully made their own–those being wah, whammy, fuzz, and vibe effects.Because the exact lag time is unknown, we decided not to include a "fudge factor" in our plot below: One caveat when using this plot is that when DOD rolled over from serial number 999999 to 1000000, the leading "1" was included in smaller text in the line above the rest of the serial number.Thus, be sure to include the leading "1" in your pedal's serial number when it is present.analog, spend way too much time discussing the art of compression and mastering, and share my lust for vintage jazzmasters and excessive reverb.I also play in raleigh shoegaze band white cascade and solo as jazz tapes Theme by nostrich. You can’t be a shoegazer without owning at least one.I found this writeup on decoding the serial number of any Roland or Boss product manufactured since 1989. As you can see, there is no clean correspondence between the letters and years; you have to count it up.All Roland/Boss products manufactured since that time have a serial number consisting of two letters followed by five digits. Or, the link above contains a table where you can look it up.Being a huge OC-2 fan, I thought it might be fun to try and bring together as many OC-2 serials/dates as possible.Serial numbers will be found on the bottom label for Taiwanese models and in the battery compartment on earlier models.After opening up 175 different DOD pedals and examining the components of their circuit boards for date codes, we plotted serial number as a function of the latest component date code found in each pedal.The main limitation to such an approach is that the date of assembly of the complete pedal would necessarily lag the newest component date code, perhaps by 2-8 weeks.