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PHOTOS: Jason Aldean and Other Country Hunks Kerr walked down the aisle barefoot to John Legend's "All of Me" in a stunning long-sleeve lace Pnina Tornai gown, making Aldean cry as she caught his eye. "I was so excited to see her." PHOTOS: Best Celebrity Engagement Rings of All Time The magic hardly stopped there as the special day continued with gourmet meals, sentimental gifts, and one serious party at the reception.

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Fans and insiders identify her as a genuine and straightforward person.

The talented actress added that people are often surprised to learn about her Latin roots., Farrah’s mom tells her to block his number to keep her from calling her cell phone.Farrah complies with her mother’s request, and not long after cutting off contact with her baby’s daddy, 18-year-old Derek Underwood died in a car accident.Another teenager in the car, Dustin Congdon, survived.Derek Underwood’s sisters told KETV ‘News Watch 7 that he was a good athlete and was about to be a father.Moreover, she enjoys a fit hourglass shaped body with body measurements 34-24-35 inches.Nevertheless, Larissa even wore hot dresses that showcased her assets in the show as per as the story demanded and completely nailed them as well given Jal was a difficult role to play. In an interview a long time ago, Larissa said that she would have been playing video games at her home if it was not for Skins.It is said that she is trying to make a breakthrough in theatre.And, there are also some rumors that state that she is back to her studies.I learned Spanish and English pretty much at the same time. I'm getting so many girls on twitter sending me their lyrics to songs that they've written, and telling me that my character and the show has inspired them to write songs and follow their dreams and I think that's an absolutely beautiful thing and makes me so happy...My mother always spoke to me in Spanish and my dad always spoke to me in English, so I learned them both with no accent. I think everyone who has parents or a parent [who] can speak another language, should teach it to their kids. If I get a chance to change someone's outlook on life and motivate someone in that way while doing something that I just think is really fun and that I enjoy doing, then what more could I ask for?