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Just take the 6 train to the last stop (Pelham Bay Park), then take a 10-minute bus ride on Bx29 to City Island (or, if you’re in a car, it’s just a it’s 40-60 minute drive from Midtown Manhattan).

From seafood to sailing, here are 10 reasons to escape to City Island this summer.

A little less NYC and a little more Cape Cod, City Island is a quaint island in the Bronx full of old Victorian homes, squawking seagulls, fresh salt water, a marina full of boats, and enough lobster to stuff your face for days.

While it feels far away from the cacophony of Midtown at lunchtime, the quaint community is less than an hour and a half on the subway, which means it’s the perfect day trip for when you’re burned out on brunch, museums, and dance parties.

The movie is about that kid, whose father is a bus driver named Lorenzo, and whose hero is a street-corner Mafioso named Sonny.

The two men dislike one another, but they both like the kid, and between them he gets some advice that is useful all of his life.

Since your webmaster’s lair is in Little Neck, I see my own ‘division,’ which I consider northern Queens, downtown and mid-Manhattan, and northern Brooklyn, quite a bit…

…and I think of southern Brooklyn as well as mid-Queens and southern Queens out of division, but still in conference, i.e., I see them now and then, but not as often as the neighborhoods in my own division.

Bronx Science is ranked among the top 50 high schools in the country as well as among the top few in New York State.

That experience really happened to Chazz Palminteri when he was growing up in the Bronx, and many years later he turned it into a one-man play that he performed in New York and Los Angeles.

One night Robert De Niro came to see the play, and now there is a wonderful movie named "A Bronx Tale" that is De Niro's first as a director, and Palminteri's first as a star, and it's likely they'll both get Academy Award nominations for this collaboration.

It is one of nine "specialized" public high schools located in New York City and operated by the New York City Department of Education.

Admission to eight of them, including Bronx Science, is based on performance on a standardized examination administered mainly to students in the 8th grade, but also those in the 9th grade.