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This is an informational tour in which students gain a basic understanding of geologic time, the evidence for events in Earth’s history, relative and absolute dating techniques, and the significance of the Geologic Time Scale.

MALACCA (THE STAR/ASIA NEWS NETWORK) - A recent discovery might provide the proof that early settlers in Malacca, including the Malay Sultanate era, were large in structure.

From this fear of opinion he traces the arrival of counter-tradition to be signified by fashion and becoming something subject for public opinion, for good or for bad, ultimately resting on a misguided reverence for customs that in truth is a respect for human stupidity or as Guenon concludes his essay with: “to observe custom in order to fall in line with opinion that honors appearance is therefore the action of a Shudra (a person of no caste or station)” (Initiation & Spiritual Realization).

It so follows from Guénons observation of tradition that there must be a larger meaning to the activities deemed traditional than a mere mimic of past actions.

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I want them preserved for history, since their creators definitely were here far before the peoples that we usually associate with prehistoric American history.": The phenomena of Burrows Cave is commonly understood to be a long running hoax involving the claim of a fantastic cave and the sale of inscribed stones.

"But the research on this latest find could prove or disprove claims that giant-sized men roamed Malacca a long time ago." Looking at the modern man, heights reaching 3m or 5m may seem unthinkable. Went inactive to attend college 2 years at West Virginia University majoring in archaeology."Until then," he said, "the site must be protected from mercenary scavengers, those who would strip the site of these priceless artifacts.Gordon assumed I’d perhaps investigated the claims.In a world where men walking on the moon have been televised to Earth, where surgeons perfom heart transplants, where the Berlin Wall came tumbling down, where the Cold War suddenly ended, etc., who can say that other miracles can't happen? Gordon, I was asked about “Burrows Cave in southern Illinois.” I’d previously spoken with Prof.Maybe there is a tiny kernel of truth to the wild stories about Burrows Cave. I have other priorities.1953 Commissioned (Battlefield Commission) or cannon fodder. Gordon on dozens of occasions about ancient history, alphabetology, and other related topics, but this was the first time he’d mentioned Burrows Cave.But an international group of scientists recently unearthed a group of artifacts in France that not only shed new light on an ancient culture, but may also have an impact on modern art. Randall White of New York University has uncovered 16 stone blocks, featuring 38,000-year-old pointillist engravings, in a French cave called Abri Cellier.The discovery, published last week in , is notable because until now art historians believed pointillism, a painting technique in which small dots of color are applied in patterns to form an image, was developed in 1886.“We have long been victim to a persistent popular vision of Paleolithic art as a deep underground activity,” White told the Observer in an email.“These new Aurignacian discoveries represent a previous and very early invention of a pointillist or pixelist technique that would be reinvented and elaborated by 19th century artists.” Abri Cellier was first excavated in 1927—15 limestone blocks were removed from the site at that time.Defining something as ‘traditional’ is not that easy, because indeed tradition in itself is perennial and always supra-human, still the purpose must be understood so we can avoid becoming habitual to doing meaningless rituals and practices.Customs repeated would hold the vestige of being traditional, but its meaning and purpose must also be in place.