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- The Jury (12 children.) - The defendant: Mr Wormwood. - The witnesses to give statements: Miss Honey, Matilda, Michael. Will Matilda cover for her father or tell the truth?

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A: Well, Monterey rather than Silicon Valley, but yes.This isn’t a world where you can hold people’s attention for long.But if you know what fascinates consumers and how they like to behave, you can talk to them in ways that are meaningful, clear and profitable.Baby Gifts Babybuds is an online baby gift service for New Zealand babies.We have a huge range of innovative special baby gifts and we deliver around New Zealand! If you’re looking for gifts which are fun and beautiful, we have exactly what you want. In the future, we'll be introducting new features to the site including; peer to peer support in a social media style, online chat, self assessment tools and more ways to engage with your mates. Sign up to find out when new things happen online at Youthline! The Judge and Jury prepare questions to ask each character. This organisation represents people working in the private sector and in local government who deal with hazardous substances.The NZIHSM is an organisation who represents people who work in the community using Hazardous Substances.You can also follow the Facebook page of the Cri du Chat Australian and New Zealand Families.The Cri du Chat Support Group of New Zealand aims to provide information and support to families, relatives, friends, individuals and professionals living in New Zealand or around the world.