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Jenn, a new, somewhat unsure Christian, and Lorri, an avowed non-Christian, want to argue with one another about spirituality, but Watcher55 breaks into their chats and bugs them.

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With free popcorn, tacos and sliders for snacks, a round-the-world trip for your stomach on the mains menu and cocktails that come in crockpot sizes, this bar is a hidden gem, perfect for a fun night out. The staff are just so friendly, and the rooms just so clean and nice.

“In Rooms you can be ‘Wonder Woman’–or whatever name makes you feel most comfortable and proud,” writes the Rooms development team in their inaugural blog post.

That anonymity–something Facebook has generally avoided–is part of the appeal, experts say.

Watcher55 is a weird, even scary, character, who eventually leads the teens into trouble (most notably when Lorri sneaks out of the house, goes to a party, and is slipped drugs).

Eventually, the encounter with evil strengthens Jenn's faith and even brings Lorri closer to God.