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“It’s a very adolescent me, but it reminds me of that time so much…”For many of us, though, Winona Ryder is all the reminder we need.“There’s something of an expectation for young actors not only to play young, but to have that intuition of what their generation is going through and to be on that wavelength,” says Timothy Shary, a film scholar who has published multiple books on teen cinema including Generation Multiplex: The Image of Youth in American Cinema Since 1980 and Teen Films: American Youth on Screen.Brian Boone writes about music, pop culture, and other nonsense.He does more of this kind of thing on Twitter and wrote this swell book called "‪Rock Lists For Obsessive Music Connoisseurs, Zealots, and Junkies‬," which you totally want.Mini-mogul Oberst comes from a middle-class background in Omaha, Nebraska.

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Caught out: She had initially linked her comments to her Facebook page - leading other web users to see that some of her claims didn't match up.“I kind of said, um, that I, uh, just how much it meant to me, and thanked him for it,” she told . “I received this as a gift because I’m a big fan, but I want to return it to you because I respect your privacy.” The only god she really believed in sent her a “thank you” in return. “I mean, it’s possible that his publisher just typed it and had him sign it or something, but it was the greatest thing ever.”At 27, Ryder was still praying at the altar of the prep school hero.Ryder did, however, send him a note in 1994, along with the Christmas card. That year she showed Vogue magazine a Tiffany frame she had received as a gift from a friend.So then if you compare the lists, and use math – the associative property, the transitive property, looking at things – we can then determine that the biggest rock star of all time is whoever is on both lists: he who has both fended off Courtney Love and not fended off Winona Ryder.Ergo, according to the logic and parameters of Courtney Love’s quote, the two biggest rock stars in the history of music – because they have both fought with Love and dated Ryder – are Ryan Adams and Dave Grohl.When music does that, it's a great thing."Already hailed as "the new Dylan" and "this generation's Woody Guthrie", 24-year-old Oberst is something of a linchpin for a whole network of musicians on the more cerebral, literate wing of the American alternative scene. Under the name Bright Eyes, he has just released two albums simultaneously, a largely acoustic record called I'm Wide Awake, It's Morning which features guest vocals from Emmylou Harris, and a more electronic set called Digital Ash in a Digital Urn.This spring he's undertaking two separate world tours, one in support of each album (his fifth and sixth albums as Bright Eyes).Last autumn, he was a key member of the Vote For Change Tour, the series of concerts featuring REM and Bruce Springsteen that sought to rally support for John Kerry in the so-called "swing states"."It was amazing," he says when I meet him after a rapturously received show at the University of London Union, "not only to play with people I respect, these huge icons, but also to be a part of something that transcended entertainment.He's released others under the name Desaparecidos (a band playing rockier material), and is forever popping up on records by other bands signed to Saddle Creek, the Omaha label he co-founded.Then there's his other label Team Love, which he and his manager launched a year ago.