Createuserwizard not validating Meet girls to fuck no sign up

I created a Profile User Control with validation controls belonging to a 'Profile' Validation Group. At any rate, I found a workaround that I thought I'd share.

I've inserted this User Control in a Create User Wizard step set to Auto (so it defaulted to a Finish step).

In addition, you can control the way it behaves using settings in the file (such as whether or not duplicate e-mails are OK, password lengths and strength, whether or not you want to implement a "security question and answer" and so on).

But alas, the control can be "templated" to change the layout and to require more information to be gathered, and can be turned into a multi-step process.

It was until recently that I noticed that when I click on the button to submit (and thus register the user), non of the validation controls are being fired or called and the error message I'm getting back are the default ones from ASP. Is there something I can do to make the submit button fire the proper event so the validation works?

I have several required field validators on each step of my Create User Wizard.

NET makes it super easy for your users to sign up for an account.

Simply add it to a page, configure it, and you're good to go.