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Many guys learning to improve their social and seduction skills actually ruin their chances by making the wrong approaches.

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Understanding and implementing effective communication skills enables a couple to connect to each other in a way that fosters deeper compassion & emotional intimacy for a healthier relationship. Are you just too nervous to really shine on that first date, perhaps too nervous to even go on a date. Your first consultation is absolutely cost and obligation free. Are you tired of going out all the time and not meeting anyone special? Learn the specific, step by step process with personal and online coaching.[read more…] Dating this Russian girl taught me more about being a man with women than everything in the dating industry combined.Here is some of her advice for us wussy American, English and Canadian men: “In Russia, a man who cannot come up to a strange girl and start talking to her is a loser. It does [read more…] “You guys are the most amazing thing that has happened to me.Having featured regularly in the Australian media, and led countless seminars and workshops, I know how to get you on track..I use specific and time-tested principles and methodologies that have proven to be extremely effective upon application.I am very much looking forward to working with you to improve your skills in finding and connecting with a life partner. The more you get out there the better you will get!Sure you can learn some theory (and yes this can help) but ultimately it’s an internal feeling of proficiency, of deserving to have this area handled that will carry you through onto success with the opposite sex.Founded in 2008 I coach clients that are in need of direction, guidance and support when it comes to finding a relationship.I help my clients successfully meet the woman of their dreams by using proven strategies that focus on identity, beliefs, and dating skills- ensuring long-term success.You will only ever generate this feeling, this self knowing called congruence, from regular dating experience- and yes, this includes making plenty of mistakes.In fact, it’s the mistakes (the really painful ones) where you make your BEST gains. Because if it’s painful enough, you are GUARANTEED to never make them again.