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A documentary following the trial of the Hong Kong woman who abused Indonesian domestic worker Erwiana Sulistyaningsih will be screened on June 3 at Hong Kong University.Erwiana was abused by her boss Law Wan-tung in 2013 and...The retired footballer, 41, spent time in the Shanghai and Hong Kong over the weekend, sharing a photo montage that he captioned: 'Great 48 hours in China'.However, fans were quick to point out that whilst Shanghai is a city in China, Hong Kong is in fact an autonomous territory.

'Another added: 'I like you, but sorry, Hong Kong is Hong Kong. 'An hour after making the post, David had changed his posts to read: 'Great 48 hours in Shanghai and Hong Kong.' However, some fans were shocked to see that the footballer had changed his caption, as they pointed out that Hong Kong is part of China.Authorities have scaled back expansion plans for recreational development on Hong Kong’s largest outlying island after a number of leisure facilities were thought to be not feasible, according to a final blueprint unveiled on Saturday.Skyrocketing rental prices in Hong Kong have seen more people living in 'coffin homes' measuring just 1.9 square metres in size as that is all people can afford there.The atrocities were not just against the Chinese, but also British, Canadians, and people of other nationalities.For example, at a hospital for injured British soldiers, the Japanese soldiers slaughtered 170 recuperating soldiers and a few hospital staff.The likes of Wong Ziwa lives in one of these tiny low-ceiling abodes that he calls home.The United Nations has described such housing as 'an insult to human dignity', but Mr Wong can't afford the sky high rents and has to make do with this.Hong Kong was a British colony before and after WWII, but from 12/25/1941 to 8/15/1945 when Japan surrendered, Hong Kong was under the control of Japan.This article recounts the massacre and atrocities committed by the Japanese troops during those three years and eight months of occupation of Hong Kong.Home prices have increased nearly 50 per cent since 2012 in Kong Kong, making the property there one of the most unaffordable in the world.Many apartments have been subdivided to create tiny 'coffin' homes to meet the demand for such housing. More than seven million people call Hong Kong home.