Dating george herron knives

My tomahawks are made by traditionally forging mild steel around a tool steel cutting edge or drifting an eye through a piece of high carbon steel.

I also offer a series of stock removal knives in repeatable patterns in the above mentioned steels. I welcome and encourage customers to submit their own designs and specifications.

We have been unable to find anything about it from the crest to the name, so could be a sleeper.

The outline of George Herron's country home and shop building appeared in the distance.

Click here Home These are the terms that govern this auction. IMPORTANT NOTICE ON IVORY HANDLED KNIVES: Note: The legality of elephant ivory and even mastodon ivory is in flux from state to state. Red Watson was a knifemaker known for the friendship he offered as much as his knives.

If your state bans ivory or mastodon ivory as they have done in NY, NJ, and CA we will not ship there. (89022) Minimum bid 0.00 Lot 2 Steve Johnson, Manti, Utah stag handled drop point hunter, 8 1/8" oal, 4 1/4" blade, leather sheath. The Knifemakers' Guild for many years only gave one award, the Red Watson Friendship Award. (89037) Minimum bid 0.00 Lot 7 Gene Shadley handmade pearl handled half congress.

George Herron is South Carolina's most renowned maker of custom knives, but have you ever heard the story behind the design of his "interframe" folding model?

I remember waking up from my barbeque-induced coma when the tires started shimmying along an unpaved stretch of red clay.

Dating george herron knives