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In the mid-1970s, I spent a year living in Philadelphia, and while there I took classes in Kundalini yoga.

The classes convened at a house, or ashram, inhabited by male and female Kundalini devotees, all of them Americans.

Why or how they ended up with a dogged crime fighter as their subject is presented as luck through four episodes (but probably eventually won't be).

Why they allow him to take breaks from his duties as disease-curing petri dish to solve mysteries and bond with his now-contemporary son is one of entirely too many plot contrivances.

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Some models will never be found in the catalogs, that's just the way it is.When Yogi Bhajan came to Philadelphia and gave a talk at the university I was attending, I went to see him.Swathed in white robes, he was a bearish, bearded, jolly man, Santa Claus as swami.Ibanez did not put serial numbers on their guitars. The only way to date these guitars is to find out what years they were available and then comparing all the minute details like scripts, contours, and inlay variances that only the hardcore vintage gurus know., This old style serial number will either be on the neck plate or impressed into the back of the headstock.They all wore the traditional white linen clothing and turbans of Sikhs.The lanky, bearded head of the house taught the weekly classes, which consisted of tendon- and spine-twisting postures, stomach crunches, repetition of the mantra "sat nam," and dizzying breathing exercises, including a form of hyperventilation called "breath of fire." This form of yoga was introduced to the U. by an Indian adept named Yogi Bhajan, who was said by my Kundalini teacher to be completely enlightened.They are people — businesspeople with books, keynotes, and openings in their consulting practice to peddle.“It’s all smoke and mirrors,” my friend Cherise, a ghostwriter for a number of these bestselling gurus, told me the following week over tea, her Mission District apartment stuffed with piles of self-help books, CDs, and videos.Through methodology that's over-explained, but under-justified, Jimmy either ages backwards or is retro-fitted into the body of an impossibly strong 35-year-old (Robert Kazinsky).The only reason Jimmy is chosen for new life is because of a rare DNA marker and the only purpose of the experiment is that for some reason Mary and Otto think Jimmy's blood will cure cancer. Why their experiment required their subject having any sentience at all is irrelevant.