Dating hype

But for her latest project, graphic designer Anna Porter gets intimate with the world wide web.

“Sure, Instagram can be blamed for filters and selfies but what about other social media platforms, Google, your browser.

For people who did this sort of thing regularly, they're used to the pain and come ready with snacks, coffee, chairs, etc. Birthdays and holidays usually meant emptying your pockets (and savings) to buy the most expensive thing on his list—and the list was usually pretty long.

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We lined up outside of Stussy on Richmond Street West in downtown Toronto, when the shop was located above the now-defunct Goodfoot, for a release.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out our relationship with the Internet is fucked up.

I thought it would be interesting to acknowledge this complex issue in a simplistic manner.

Commentators have observed that the Viagra phenomenon has tapped into the growing insecurity of the Spanish male, his self-esteem humbled and diminished over 20 years as Spanish women's independence has blossomed.

There are a lot of Christian philosophies on dating and sometimes it’s difficult to know which one is best for you.