Dating in midlife

– when your wife tells you she’s unhappy in the marriage, or even that she CAN’T be happy in the marriage, but she also can’t give you a good reason why. Has she started making big changes in her day-to-day routine, as if she’s trying to fill the void left by the absence of parental responsibilities?

Or, here's another situation that may sound familiar... Empty nest syndrome is a classic sign that your wife is going through a midlife crisis.

There’s also research supporting the notion that midlife crisis doesn’t exist. While age might bring wisdom, it can also bring along a set of complicated issues that can seem overwhelming, which can lead to midlife stress and, if not handled, to a middle age depression.

Think about it, every day, adults in their 40s and 50s deal with a range of difficult interwoven complex issues like relationship challenges, health concerns, aging parents, loss of loved ones, teenage children, children moving out (or, maybe worse, they never move out), job loss, financial hardship, and retirement concerns.

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To identify this, we'll cover emotional changes, like being angry or cut off, behavioral changes, like seeking out excessive thrills, and changes in appearance, from a new wardrobe to cosmetic surgery.When the objective should be to work on themselves.It is imperative that your only motivation for working on yourself is not to save the marriage.Fun and romantic resources for lovers including the Virtual Wedding Chapel, Astro Cupid, and Sweetie Grams.If marriage is on your mind, check out our many Wedding Planning articles in the Relationship Articles.An unfortunate side effect of empty nest syndrome is that many times, Just because your wife is struggling with empty nest syndrome doesn't automatically mean that she's going through a midlife crisis.Research midlife crisis and you’ll find many descriptions. From feeling trapped in a job or relationship to questioning the meaning of life or drooling over a fire red mustang.Almost every section applies to me and the type of people I've allowed myself to be around. If she's decided that there's NO WAY the marriage can make her happy, she may be going through a midlife crisis.Relationships crumble, lovers leave, midlife happens, divorce looms.For those rough times, FRIENDS & Lovers is here to help you find answers, support, and, when you’re ready, maybe even help you find new love.