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Number of homeless in Oman soars amid economic crunch...“This is not the only homeless group living by a crust of bread and water,” he said. Some absconded after their visas expired and some have entered the country illegally.” They live in abandoned houses, construction sites, rooftops of commercial buildings, car parks of shopping malls and even behind rubbish bins....Muscat Airbnb rentals are available throughout the capital of Oman.While some locations sit near the coast in the Qurim District, others are in the heart of the Muscat Business District.Biased and usually irreverent opinions on life and business goings on in The Sultanate of Oman, a quiet and beautiful country bordering the Indian Ocean.Sorry for the lull dear readers, I had to take a business trip to London, via Switzerland naturally. Interesting to see the power cuts in MQ & Shatti occuring regularly of late.Aishwarya Rai looking awesome on the Cannes red carpet and in an short interview to our segment ‘Bollywood Celeb News‘ she ...Read More » Hello friends, I am Shweta Almani from Gujarat Ahmadabad.Positioned on the Gulf of Oman, Muscat offers an arid desert climate with temperatures that can climb to over 100 degrees in the summer months.December through February offer the best temperature range, while May through August is the hottest time of the year to travel in Muscat.It is almost like a game with the swipe-left, swipe-right interface, making the process of looking for someone special more fun and light-hearted. Flurv Flurv is a popular dating app in Oman that lets you find out which other users are nearby. Badoo Badoo is a dating app that is quite similar to Tinder, and just as popular, if not more so, here in Muscat.