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Auguste Agassiz was one of four children born to Pastor Louis-Rodolphe Agassiz and his wife Rose (nee Mayor): Louis, Auguste, Cecile and Olympe.

The history of Longines is traced back to the point where he started work for Raiguel because Agassiz created the business that under the control of his nephew, and with his financial support, became Longines in 1867.

In 2001, Bulova Corporation purchased the Wittnauer Watch Company.

Most reputable jewelers can assist you with identifying and dating your Wittnauer watch but in any case, you will need to find the serial number.

There are two important dates in the origins of Longines; 18.

The watchmaking roots of Longines, if not the name, can be traced back to 1832 in Saint-Imier, Switzerland when Henri Raiguel offered Auguste Agassiz a job with his "comptoir" (watch making workshop and dealership) "Raiguel Jeune & Company".

The comptoir assembled watches according to the établissage method.

Materials, blanks or rough parts delivered to people working in their homes, and finished parts collected.

Examining the inside of newer Wittnauers should be performed by an experienced watchmaker.

Wittnauer has been producing watches since the 1880s, but its long association with the luxury watch company Longines has resulted in the production of some of the finest watches ever made.

Longines-Wittnauer watches were manufactured between 19. Vintage Longines-Wittnauer watches are highly sought after by collectors but remain affordable. Wittnauer remained independent until 2001 when it was purchased by Bulova.

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