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It is now known that the Sweet Track was predominantly built over the course of an earlier structure, the Post Track.The track extended across the now largely drained marsh between what was then an island at Westhay and a ridge of high ground at Shapwick, a distance close to 2,000 metres (6,600 ft).Following its discovery in 1970, most of the track has been left in its original location, with active conservation measures taken, including a water pumping and distribution system to maintain the wood in its damp condition.Some of the track is stored at the British Museum and at the Museum of Somerset in Taunton.What makes a woman captivating are the qualities that magnify her appearance.Here are 5 qualities that inspire a man to stay devoted: Attention Attention Man Alert!

Various artefacts, including a jadeitite ceremonial axe head, have been found along its length.

'Goodfriend' was the original name of the title track, but after early listeners universally misheard the lyric, Sweet changed the title to "Girlfriend." In 2014, the album received a vinyl release on the Plain Recordings label.

The single 12" vinyl disc featured the first 12 songs; 6 songs on each side.

Most women believe that men care about how hot a woman is and thats it. If you asked a dozen different men what they looked for you would probably get many different answers.

Most women dont realize that, regardless of how pretty she is, if shes aggressive, selfish or demanding, then thats a major turn off.