Dating vintage barbie dolls

Ken from 1963 was actually a little bit shorter than Ken from 1962.Neck Knob: The neck knob can give you a clue as well as to the year of the doll.Rather, it's the copyright date of a particular kind of doll body. Malibu Barbie: Dark, tanned skin, straight arms Hair Happenins Barbie: lashes, chin-length hair and wigs Most of the early marks are longer (more lines) than the later Barbie marks.The most common markings on Barbies include ©1966, "Mattel, Inc." and the name of the country where the doll was made. Also, most of the early 1970s Barbies did have straight arms and not arms bent at the elbow. So if your doll has bouffant hair, you have a Bubblecut Barbie!

Barbies, especially vintage ones, are often identified by the marks on the doll's behind or torso. The date does not mean the doll was manufactured that year. Made In Japan1960s TNT Barbie: This doll has rooted eyelashes.The #1 Ponytail Barbie has white irises, severely arched eyebrows, and holes in her feet/copper tubing in her legs. #3's can have blue or brown eyeliner and they sometimes smell like Crayola crayons. If your Barbie conforms to the description of #1 and #2 except that her skin tone is tan, then you have a #4 Ponytail Barbie. If your Barbie conforms to the description of #1 and #2 except that the body is hollow (not solid) and the doll is marked Barbie® rather than Barbie™, then you have a #5.Her skin is faded white, her torso is solid, and her original swimsuit is black and white zebra. #5's were also the first to come as a redhead, so if you have a redhead, it's a #5 or #6.Most of these were made in Japan in the late 1960s or early 1970 and a few were made in Taiwan or Hong Kong (but be careful and do further research when you see those countries of origin--Barbies were made in Taiwan and Hong Kong through the 1980s). Finally, remember that most post-1970s dolls have twist waists.Markings: Barbie can be somewhat easy to identify because they all have markings on their right buttocks, feet and the back of their heads.May have indented lines on hips (see photo of mold marks on #3 Barbie). May have indented lines on hips (see photo of mold marks below). Issue Date: 1960 Model: 850 Box Date: 1959 Hair Color: Blonde/Brunette (might look strawberry blonde). Face: Blue eyes, blonde or brown brows, red lips, blue eye shadow only. Issue Date: 1961 Model: 850 Box Date: 1959 Hair Color: Blonde/Brunette/Titian. Skin color is not faded and there are no mold marks on hips. Average: This is based on loose dolls, no clothing or accessories, that are in played-with condition but have no major damage.The #1 Barbie has holes in the feet with copper tubes inserted. Body: Heavy solid rubbery body that smells like crayons, small neck knob. Examples: Barbie's hair may be missing the original hair bands and be out of the original style but there are no haircuts or missing plugs.This category will not include them, only straight-leg.) Where do you go from here? Miss Barbie is easy to identify, as she has molded plastic hair and came with three wigs, and she has the “sleep-eyes” that opened and closed. If your bend-leg doll has rooted hair, she is an Now, if you find your doll fits none of these categories, for example she has a twist-n-turn waist, rooted eyelashes, or other qualities--she may be a MOD Barbie (1967-73), a Midge, Skipper, Francie, or some other doll.Updated by Ellen Tsagaris, Doll Collecting Expert Which Ponytail Barbie do you have?There are 6 versions of the vintage ponytail Barbie, and their value varies from a few thousand dollars to a few hundred.Below is a guide to help you to identify which doll is yours. Note her facial features, skin color, feet, feel of her torso and hair, as well as any markings on her behind. If your Barbie meets all of the above criteria save that she does not have holes in her feet/copper tubing, the doll is a #2 Ponytail Barbie, which also can be worth several thousand dollars.#3 Ponytail Barbie has the same characteristics as #1 and #2 except that the doll has blue irises and the eyebrows are curved.