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This is your second warning sign, but again, it’s a clue, not necessarily a sure fire sign, so keep going with an open mind, but be vigilant at this stage. Paid online dating sites scour their membership bases for scammers, and the technology used is so sophisticated that it could be a matter of seconds until a scammer is caught and thrown off the site.To counteract this, scammers say to you that they would rather communicate with you through personal emails, instant messaging and texts, rather than through the dating site.They say flattery gets you everywhere, but in this case, it’ll get you nowhere. If they message you first, they are likely to say something that makes you feel like they are really into you.This is your first warning sign, but wait for their next move before you dismiss them, as they could be a normal person who really does like you!13.30 - Sexual shame: This can act like a weight on your mind. 14.20 - The importance of experimentation and exploration: I discuss the importance of knowing your body and why this is vital for learning how to orgasm alone and during sex.Learn more on how to orgasm here: Andrews joins me on the show today to discuss how prostate massage can lead to powerful 'Super' orgasms AND improve your man's health.As online dating popularity continues to soar, unfortunately the number of people falling for online dating scams is growing at an alarming number, too.

Most claim that their complex algorithms increase the chances of us meeting someone compatible.

11.00 - Discover how to get rid of performance pressure during sex.

12.40 - Learn why body confidence can impact your ability to orgasm and discover the solution.

With scams becoming more and more sophisticated, you can also help yourself by choosing an online dating site that puts your safety first.

That will usually mean that you have to pay the site a membership fee, but a large proportion of your fee will go towards employing software and moderation teams to eliminate scammers before you come into contact with them.