Do i look intimidating quiz

How you react determines whether the initial attraction goes further.Take this quiz to see how approachable you are, based on how you behave.1.Sometimes the situation lends itself to an approach: there's something extraordinary to talk about, or we just bump into each other. If you want guys to approach you, are you making it easy on them — are you "available"?Some girls might want the guy to "work" as part of the approach, but for every one of you who makes it tough for a guy to approach, there are women who make it easier to approach that a guy might go for instead.When a guy walks into a room, it takes him less than a few glances to make up his mind on whether he wants to approach a girl or not.

To a guy, approaching a girl is all about first appearances.

Contrary to what you may think, getting hit on or appearing approachable to men isn’t really a game of chance where you just have to wait it out.

And contrary to what most women think, you don’t have to do something outrageous or provocative to get a guy to walk up to you and say hello!

Your career may have had a few hiccups, and your relationships are trademarked by tension, but your independent way of thinking isn’t wrong- it just rubs some people the wrong way.

You might have noticed that people are cautious when you approach, or when they see you, they give a quick hello, smile, and abruptly leave.