Fear of intimacy among dating couples

“For a marriage or relationship to flourish, there must be intimacy.

"Anthony" is her latest lover, a good-looking law student who’s never had trouble dating women. Soon, Anthony discovers Kelli is unlike anyone else he’s dated.

But for some, does the decision to open the relationship reflect mistrust and a fear of intimacy and emotional commitment?

While gay men desire and create meaningful, loving relationships, their traumatic experiences growing up in a heteronormative culture—like homophobia and rejection—lead some to refuse conventions in heterosexual relationships (monogamy, marriage, children, etc.).

After the breakup, the emotionally avoidant person continues to socialize but often loses any desire to date and for any type of sexual intimacy.

This person might go from one ill-fated relationship to the next or avoid romantic and sexual relationships altogether — usually for a finite period (weeks, months or years), though occasionally he or she swears off relationships forever.