Following error occured validating the name

If I clone the service and delete the old service I can assign the old service name to the new service and I can edit the new service without issues.

Let me know if there's anything else I can check, otherwise to solve this I'll clone all the services and delete the old ones.

following error occured validating the name-55

I get the following error when trying to join that user to the domain: "There was an error validating the domain name. I understand what this means at least, but I don't know how to resolve it, and according to all three of my colleagues, they tell me DNS is working as it should. I've also noticed that the IP addresses of the DNS servers on both the server and my Windows 7 Professional client are the same at all times because external requests are forwarded automatically to comcast's DNS server.

I'm trying to edit a load balancer in the just released 0.50 version and I get the following error when trying to edit a load balancer: Validation failed in API: name is not unique I tried changing the load balancer name but I get the same error. I created some services in v0.47.0 and edited them in v0.50.0 with no issues in saving them.

I wasn't able to reproduce your issue going from v0.47.0 to v0.50.0.

The file that you are attempting to upload is not being fully transmitted to

It is recommended that you check your internet connection or contact your IT support staff to check on your network connectivity and then try again.

Following error occured validating the name