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Other than a fumbled snap during a key drive, Steen had as good of a performance as you could hope for.

The offensive line played pretty well as a unit, too.

But regardless where one is sitting, there are a number of common annoyances to contend with, such as crying babies, kicked backrests and people talking loudly or worse yet, taking an unnecessary call on a smartphone.

Event backups can then be easily viewed from i Cam or the web if the i Cam Source ever goes offline or the computer is stolen.

i Cam has been featured on the Today Show, CNN, and Good Morning America in addition to the "Dog Lover" i Phone TV Ad - uses include baby monitor, pet cam, nanny cam, spy cam, and security camera.

You can join a discussion regardless if you are logged in or not.

Wirecast Cam is a companion to Wirecast 6.0.1 (and above) live streaming production software.