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Myth #1: Poly people are unsatisfied When someone goes outside a relationship looking for companionship or sex, it's natural to assume there's something missing from their romance.

But that doesn't appear to be the case for polyamorous individuals.

15 in Berkeley, Calif., and ongoing studies are examining everything from how jealousy works in polyamorous relationships to how kids in polyamorous familes fare.

Though there's a lot left to learn, initial findings are busting some myths about how love among many works.

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In 2014, youth aged 13 to 24 accounted for more than 1 in 5 new HIV diagnoses.

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The majority of HIV-positive young adults in the U. Mother-to-child transmission during pregnancy, childbirth, or breast-feeding. BACK TO TOP Some people develop mild, temporary flu-like symptoms or persistent swollen glands immediately after becoming infected with HIV.

But symptoms are not a good indicator of HIV infection, because many people don’t experience any symptoms for many years.