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Arora said the million project is likely to start after a visit of the pre-appraisal mission of the World Bank in September/October.He said the committee had chalked out a multi-pronged strategy to attract tourists from other countries to visit Pakistan."Under the project, Sikh, Hindu, Buddhist and prominent Muslim religious places will be provided best of the facilities and infrastructure," Arora said.Dr Shivarama Karantha Pilikula Nisarga Dhama has prepared a proposal to get one pair each of giraffe (Giraffa camelopardalis), zebra (Equus zebra) and chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) from Central Africa by spending Rs 1.75 crore for the park.The park, which is recognized by the Central Zoo Authority, ministry of environment, forests & climate change, is in touch with few corporate companies and individuals to sponsor animals, said deputy commissioner A B Ibrahim.I hope this initiative becomes a regular feature." Selfie Mania: As expected, the craze for selfies is pretty much present here as well.Be it clicking selfies while holding interesting posters in their hands or posing with 3D artworks at the venue, the selfie enthusiasts have quite a few options here.At this rate, the chips and juice packaging we use are not waterproof.Plastics for electronics and pharmaceutical packaging need to be a million times lower in water vapor permeation," reads a note from IISc.

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"Development inside religious places is not up to the mark whereas for the success of the project there should be matching development both inside and outside," said sources.Keeping that in mind, we have chalked out a major project to promote international religious tourism," said member of Pakistan's Punjab assembly Ramesh Singh Arora while talking to TOI over phone on Wednesday.Arora is not only the first Sikh member of the provincial assembly but he is also in the committee constituted by the Pakistan Punjab's chief minister for the purpose.Taking the discussion forward, Raghavan and Praveen developed a moisture-impermeable polymer using the graphene.The new polymer is expected to address the challenge of permeation of atmospheric water vapour into flexible organic electronic devices, improving performance.Amritsar: The Pakistan government has chalked out a multi-million dollar project to promote religious tourism focusing on Sikh and Hindu shrines with the help of World Bank."Pakistan has rich wealth of cultural and religious places.Pilikula Nisargadhama director H Jayaprakash Bhandary said while a pair of giraffe will cost approximately Rs 75 lakh, they will have to spend about Rs 50 lakh each to get zebras and chimpanzees."We have already identified 5 - 6 sponsors including corporate companies and individuals, who are willing to extent financial support for the new project."The park has experts to take care of giraffe, zebra and chimpanzee.The climate in Mangaluru will be suitable for those animals.

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