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You need to understand that you’re not the only one in this situation, and all those big obstacles in your head can be easily overcome.

You don’t have to explain all about your dating life, just that you need space and it’s too much work for you to take on, on your own.In college, African-American women outnumber men by roughly two to one, notes The National Coalition of Black Civic Participation.And, with black men six times more likely to be incarcerated than white men, educated black women like Noerdinger lack the pool of suitable mates their white counterparts take for granted.You’re single and on the lookout for love, but every time you say you’re going out, one or both of your elderly parents feigns illness or demands you spend time with them.Solution: You’ve got to start thinking about yourself, yes it’s a fact of life that your parents have now become reliant on you, but there needs to be some balance and boundaries.The author wanted to "sound like" the expert on this subject, so she gave numerous real-life examples from her clients.The former Destiny's Child singer, who played Nelly's love interest in the video, tapped out a message on her Nokia phone into a spreadsheet - even though you can't send messages using the application.Well, now you can get it right the first time around with Mc Cann's indispensable dating surv It's not unusual for Jess Mc Cann to receive a frantic late night call from one of her clients, asking for advice while out on a date.Well, now you can get it right the first time around with Mc Cann's indispensable dating survival guide. tackles some of the most tricky and troublesome scenarios in today's complicated dating world.” A worldly, well-educated professional, Noerdlinger should be positioned to choose a partner far more appropriate than a serial criminal like Hassaun Mc Farlan.But instead of building a life with an equal, she opted for a man who could destroy the life she’s so carefully built.