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Increasing awareness, resourcefulness and involving disabled people in programme design and monitoring can lead to essential inclusive services.Accessible sexual health education and information can enable disabled people to fully express their sexuality.Some people with disabilities experience physical difficulties in sexual activity on account of their impairment.Others are excluded from appropriate sex education, resulting in poor access to sexual health information and services to protect them from sexually transmitted infections.On the second Tuesday of each month, the tour is an interior tour of Ship 41, Delta's first DC-3 to carry passengers.This tour is not handicap accessible, and all participants are required to wear gloves and shoe covers (we provide). If you are interested in a private tour at a different time or day, please call (404) 715-7886 to make arrangements.

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Furthermore, women with disabilities may receive inadequate access to maternal and reproductive healthcare services, and people with disabilities may also be at increased risk of sexual exploitation and violence.

Existing sexual health services usually can be adapted easily to accommodate people with disabilities.

The pilot had been very patient but, after an hour of the plane waiting on the Tarmac at Heathrow, with my son Stephen refusing to get up off the floor, sit in his seat and buckle up, our bags were removed from the hold and he was carried off the flight, my husband Roy and I walking, hot-cheeked and humiliated, behind.

And no, Stephen was not an obstreperous toddler when this happened. This embarrassing scene happened two years ago and the episode is just one of the many challenges we have faced since Stephen, our second child, was born with Down's Syndrome.