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Hardy Greenheart Fly rod"G" 4009 which dates the rod to 19297' 2/1grip = turned woodguides English twist Ni S snakes with a snake stripperreel seat is the Hardy universal reel fittingsnon water proof brass ferrules Once again a huge thanks to Stuart for this tidbit of invaluable information.humbly your gnome Jeff A plea to all Hardy collector to please add to this database Since my rod was the final straw that initiated the solution to the Hardy code puzzle;(what would you do without me)Hardy Greenheart Fly rod"G" 14516 which dates the rod to 19357' 2/1grip = 13 1/4 inches of corkguides = appear to be German nickel over brass (guessing)reel seat = 2 floating brass rings on the handlenon water proof brass ferrules Thanks Stewart and Jeff for all your help with my rod ID! intermediate Ferrules: Lockfast Tyings: medium green- Rod is practically in mint condition, very little used.

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If you know of any other resources for finding out the age of Hardy Rods or Reels, please leave a message below.Hardy put a code on their rods to indicate when it was built. You can look it up here (thanks to Andrew Herd) ..._Hardy put a code on their rods to indicate when it was built. You can look it up here (thanks to Andrew Herd) ...Lies i would confront him and if rod dating he does not need.Maybe you should go to the movies and to a club and i turned out all the lights.There are lots of 'Tales from behind the counter' stories in the book I started to write many years ago.I really should try and find some time to finish it.If you use either method they'll do their best to let you know that your Connemara Salmon 3 piece 16' Split Bamboo rod was made in 1918.Who knows, they may even be able to tell you who made it.I know there's a wealth of knowledge on this forum, and am hoping than someone has the time to help aging the rods under. Hardy Graphite Smuggler 7' #5 - CV4440 Used but in good/very good condition Hardy Graphite Deluxe 8' #5/6 - EE45535 Used but in good/very good condition Hardy Sovereign 7' #3/4 - 1DX214866 Used but in perfect almost unused condition Hardy Favourite - 7' 6" #3/4 - 1HA77549 New and unused Also was the Graphite Smuggler (not the deluxe) sold with a leather tube or without? Still has a plastic on the cork and is immaculate apart from some surface scratching on the butt of the end reel seat.Thanks in advance Thanks for the link, helped a lot! Not the Deluxe Graphite with the maroon blank but a grey blank Graphite.