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For those willing to try the bar scene, the quantity of venues may seem appealing.

There are more than 10 bars within a 12-block area near the Hudson River that range from Irish pub to sports bar and dance clubs.

Plus, you’d lose your parking spot, and chances are very high you actually murdered someone for that spot and have the body in your trunk. Edgar Allan Poe, who briefly lived in Hoboken, used the cave as inspiration for the story The Mystery of Marie Rogêt.

As a result, someone refurbished the site a few years ago and it gets mentioned as a tourist destination sometimes.

But people who live here know that if you want real Italian baked quality, you go uptown to Giorgio’s. About the only sign of Sinatra you’ll find in town these days is a sad plaque in the sidewalk outside the address where he was born. Hoboken Batman is a thing, and while his bicycle is perhaps a little less impressive than the Tumbler seen in the movies, people still love him.

Yup, right now operating an unlicensed taxi within the city limits is a no-no, and you could potentially be pulled over riding in one. If you don’t live in Jersey, you’ve never heard of The Nerds, but it’s okay: they’ve never heard of you.

Vind vrijgezellen in Hoboken en omgeving via Meet Plaza.

Pro tip: do call another Uber while the cop is still standing there writing your driver a ticket. It’s not in the original location, but the first-ever Blimpie was opened in Hoboken in 1964. Did he move out as soon as he possibly could and never look back? One of the most successful cover bands in history, The Nerds play Hoboken constantly and are part of the background track of the city.

Your opinion of the Blimpie Best sandwich likely mirrors your opinion of Hoboken. Parking in Hoboken is hell, and traffic at rush hour is a lower circle of hell, but the main reason no one drives is that Hoboken is literally the most walkable city in the world.

Alle mannen en vrouwen zijn op zoek naar de partner van hun leven.

Ben jij ook op zoek naar een partner of een goede vriend(in)? Mannen ontmoeten in Hoboken en vrouwen ontmoeten in Hoboken, doe je hier.