Incrementally updating transportable tablespaces using rman Pooping webcams

Cross-platform transportable database is not the same thing as transportable tablespace.

This time it was only Po C but my goal was to minimize downtime of production database.Lets see how this works by transporting a tablespace from Oracle Linux to Oracle banner from v$version; BANNER -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Oracle Database 12c Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production PL/SQL Release - Production CORE Production TNS for Linux: Version - Production NLSRTL Version - Production select platform_id, platform_name, endian_format 2 from v$transportable_platform order by platform_id; PLATFORM_ID PLATFORM_NAME ENDIAN_FORMAT ----------- -------------------------------------------------- -------------- 1 Solaris[tm] OE (32-bit) Big 2 Solaris[tm] OE (64-bit) Big 3 HP-UX (64-bit) Big 4 HP-UX IA (64-bit) Big 5 HP Tru64 UNIX Little 6 AIX-Based Systems (64-bit) Big 7 Microsoft Windows IA (32-bit) Little 8 Microsoft Windows IA (64-bit) Little 9 IBM z Series Based Linux Big 10 Linux IA (32-bit) Little 11 Linux IA (64-bit) Little 12 Microsoft Windows x86 64-bit Little 13 Linux x86 64-bit Little 15 HP Open VMS Little 16 Apple Mac OS Big 17 Solaris Operating System (x86) Little 18 IBM Power Based Linux Big 19 HP IA Open VMS Little 20 Solaris Operating System (x86-64) Little 21 Apple Mac OS (x86-64) Little All we have to do to transport tablespace(s) using the new functionality is create a so called transportable backupset on the source database and restore it on the destination database.To sort this problem for migrations to Exadata platform (method only supported on Exadata) Oracle now brought incremental backup availability for TTS, till Oracle puts this as a public document (or somebody post about the steps) you need a MOS access to see the method. You can use RMAN to transport tablespaces across platforms with different endian formats.The tablespace should be in read-only mode during the process and only image copies are used.This method is more suitable for smaller or low transaction rate applications.We also have to specify where RMAN should place the backupsets.RMAN will create one backupset with the datafile(s) and a second backupset with the metadata dumpset that EXPDP will create on behalf of RMAN.You can also use RMAN to transport an entire database to a different platform so long as the two platforms have the same endian format.This chapter contains the following topics: Cross-platform transportable tablespace is a variation of ordinary transportable tablespace.

Incrementally updating transportable tablespaces using rman