Intimidating neighbours ireland

This type of antisocial behaviour can make people afraid to leave their own homes, especially as victim and perpetrator live close to each other.

It includes: Tackling antisocial behaviour is part of your council's wider efforts to improve community safety and is central to their overall vision to improve the quality of life for all.

Otherwise get in touch with your social landlord or local authority's antisocial behaviour team for help and support.

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There are neatly trimmed privet hedges, rose beds and top-of-the-range family cars parked outside all but one of the houses on this broad and leafy avenue in the outskirts of the North London commuter belt. To a cacophony of effing and blinding, a family of nine, packed like sardines into a dusty seven-seater people-carrier, pull up between the piles of rubbish and broken paving slabs on the driveway.

In the peace and quiet of a summer’s evening, family life in Totteridge — where professional couples pay up to £1million for a substantial home a stone’s throw from good schools, shops, restaurants and trains direct to the city — appears to be a picture of idyllic suburbia. Little hands poke out of the windows with their middle fingers raised defiantly aloft.

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I am really fustrated with this it is ruining my life. We have neighbours who cut the tops off our trees - within our land, not just half-on-half-off as is so often a source of disagreement and no local authority trimming order exists in our case.

Environmental antisocial behaviour can give communities the appearance of decline and incudes such things as graffiti, littering and waste dumping and dog fouling.

The other main form of antisocial behaviour is nuisance neighbours; an antisocial minority who can destroy communities with their lack of regard for the quality of other peoples' lives.

The capital of Wales is Cardiff, and the Scottish capital is at Edinburgh.

Great Britain's largest island neighbour is Ireland.