Is bosco wong still dating myolie wu

Born in Hong Kong with Guangdong Taishan ancestry, she is signed under for the Hong Kong TVB television station and a singer under contracts with Neway Star.She has twice won "My Favorite TV Actress" at the Astro Favorites Awards Ceremony.

It is understood that she will start her own bridal studio next month and self-manage her entire wedding. He is just a recruitment consultant in a small firm and associated with club owners in LKF. Yesterday, Bosco announced he had broken up with Myolie in an emotional interview with radio personality, Eileen Cha Eileen Cha (查小欣).While he declined to provide the reasons for the breakup, he emphasized several times that there was no third party that caused their Hangzhou, China, on Wednesday, Bosco said he had received a text message from Myolie asking if he was available to attend her wedding.“I’m coordinating my work schedule with my manager, and if I have time I’ll go,” the actor said. Asked how he felt after receiving Myolie’s text message, Bosco said, “It’s been so long now.” And the actor declined to say how large a “red packet” he’ll be giving Myolie for her wedding.At the upcoming TVB anniversary awards, Bosco is nominated in the Best Actor cate...Myolie Wu Hang-yee (born 6 November 1979), is a Hong Kong actress and singer.She smiled when asked about her new boyfriend, saying in Mandarin: "He isn't in Singapore with me.I wanted him to come, but the schedule is too rushed." Wu has been dating Hong Kong businessman Philip Lee, 40, for almost six months, after being single for two years.Myolie Wu can barely contain her excitement for her upcoming wedding to entrepreneur boyfriend Philip Lee on Dec 28, but the same cannot be said about her family.According to Jayne Stars, Myolie's family have been asking her to not jump in to quickly.