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Jef was reportedly spotted cozying up to a blonde on Oct.

4 in Long Beach, Calif., and hooked up with a girl in the bathroom during that same West Coast trip!

We are unable to get a comment from Gordon or Rhodes on this news of their relationship but it is 100% confirmed by them both.

Both men have been seen around together since they came out just recently.

Critics are sharply divided in their views of Koons.

This is a man sport that only straight men should be doing.He is the founder and manufacturer of Blue Origin (founded in 2000) with test flights to space which started in 2015, and plans for commercial suborbital human spaceflight beginning in 2018.Bezos's mother Jacklyn was a teenager at the time of his birth.However, it seemed she hasn't given up on her romantic life entirely.She concluded: 'These tabloid stories saying that I'm linked to everyone under the sun is getting a little ridiculous.In 1980, he got licensed to sell mutual funds and stocks and began working as a Wall Street commodities broker at First Investors Corporation.After a summer with his parents in Sarasota, Florida (Koons took on a brief job there as a political canvasser), he returned to New York and found a new career as a commodities broker, first at Clayton Brokerage Company and then at Smith Barney.The company began as an Internet merchant of books and expanded to a wide variety of products and services, most recently video streaming and audio currently the world's largest Internet sales company on the World Wide Web, Bezos's other diversified business interests include aerospace and newspapers.His family was originally from Villafrechós, a little town in Valladolid (Spain).Miguel Bezos worked his way through the University of Albuquerque, married Jacklyn, and legally adopted his stepson Jeff, who changed his surname from Jorgensen to Bezos.