Jonathan taylor thomas dating

14 years after "Home Improvement" went off the air, TMZ spotted the elusive Jonathan Taylor Thomas at the Arclight movie theater in Hollywood ... Despite being mesmerized by his sparkling blue eyes ...

As middle brother Randy Taylor on the long-running '90s TV show "Home Improvement," Jonathan Taylor Thomas secured teen heartthrob status early on.

After the show wrapped, the 5'5" actor decided to focus on his education, enrolling in Harvard in the early '00s; he went on to graduate with a degree from Columbia in 2010.

Paparazzi-wise, JTT's basically off the grid, though he did surface in 2011 for a "Home Improvement" reunion photo shoot.

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Apparently the two got married at some point and managed to keep the news a secret until now. The Idol Hands actor reportedly started dating Sahanovitch, a producer on Bachelor Canada, in 2010.

It's been over 10 years since we last saw the wisecracking Randy Taylor on the 90s sitcom Home Improvement.

But after his guest spot on Tim Allen's Last Man Standing, we wonder if the former child actor misses the limelight.

In 1999, the year when the final episode of aired in the U.

S., Jonathan Taylor Thomas announced he wouldn’t return for the final episode.