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The black glass floor reflected a pleating of mirrored panels and the decorations were tall glass urns of sculptural calla lilies – mimicking the white of the sofas always used by Maugham.It was an elegant backdrop for a show that offered a classic Chanel couture. Instead, Lagerfeld concentrated on designs that will warm the hearts of his couture customers with their elegance.They are given 10 minutes to grab from ,000 worth of fabric in three tents set up in Bryant Park. The remaining designers are asked to create a two-piece garment for Sarah Jessica Parker's BITTEN line using of materials and only one day to complete their look.Under the vast glass dome of the Grand Palais, Karl Lagerfeld had imagined a theatrical set as designed by Thirties designer-of-the-day Syrie Maugham.In 2014, Chris March appeared in the fourth season of All Stars, coming in 12th place out of 14.: The judges declared a tie between Rami and Chris, and asked each to design a collection for Bryant Park; one of the two would be chosen to show at Bryant Park Fashion Week based on his three strongest pieces : Cheron, Anna Lita, Marie, and Jacqueline were used in this challenge to show off the designers' strongest pieces of their collection.

Comme tous les jours, la place Yasser Arafat de Ramallah est encombrée d’une foule de piétons qui se faufilent entre les taxis jaunes aux klaxons hurlants, les carrioles de fruits, les vendeurs de tongs et quelques activistes qui tentent de rameuter sous leur tente des soutiens aux Palestiniens en grève de la faim dans les prisons d’Israël.The starting point was a Giacometti sculpture with a long slim neck leading to a curved oval.He used this as the inspiration for the slightly high waist evident in all the daywear and a great deal of the eveningwear, and the tulip-shaped skirts.Pour l’occasion, il a concocté des répliques exactes de modèles dessinés pour des femmes que les fashionistas du jour, quoique fortunées pour la plupart, ne voient que dans les magazines.Pour une pièce, il faut compter plusieurs milliers d’euros, une somme impossible à réunir pour la grande majorité de la population dans les Territoires palestiniens où le taux de chômage avoisine les 27 % et un travailleur sur cinq touche moins de 340 euros par mois.An homage to his angel, his mother Angele, it was a concerto of sorts.Fifteen models stood in installation, coiffed and standing still for Kashou's return.However, they will not be in contention for the finale win.The designers arrive in New York and are asked to create a garment that best reflects who they are as a designer.If you are unable to fix the problem yourself, please contact info at and be sure to provide the technical support key shown above.Habituellement, Rami Kashou propose ses robes, combinaisons et autres bustiers à des stars hollywoodiennes ou à des têtes couronnées.