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Keanu looked disheveled as he stepped out on his date.

A photo of the 51-year-old sporting baggy pants and a bushy beard was also shared by Daily Mail.

She came into limelight through Nomi and is notable for being a role of a transgender character and created by a transgender director (Lana Wachowski) as well as played by a transgender actress. Caption: It is reported that Jamie Clayton (left) and Keanu Reeves (right) are dating. Jamie Clayton is dating John Wick and Matrix actor as well as Hollywood sensation, Keanu Reeves.

The actor tried to go incognito with a red cap worn over his long hair.

Keanu has been in a series of relationships following the death of his former girlfriend Jennifer Syme in 2001, less than two years after she gave birth to their stillborn child.

They were also photographed inside their car, with the Canadian star behind the wheel, trying to avoid looking at the camera.

Meanwhile, his date's face was not concealed and she was photographed giving a smile.