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By understanding how she spends her time when she’s not at the office, you’ll learn what’s important to her.

“It allows you two to build a real relationship that extends beyond spreadsheets and timelines,” Glickman explains.

O'Neill herself has spoken in the past about how it wasn't until her therapist pointed it out that she realised that a sexual experience in her late teens was non-consensual.

"With the documentary the reason why they asked me to do it, I'm not a TV presenter, but they felt I would connect with it in a sincere way.

It holds application information, user passwords, device information–pretty much anything you can think of.

If it’s not stored as a file, it’s probably stored in the registry. The applications on a Linux machine store their settings on a program-by-program basis under the hierarchy of users. You won’t find a centralized database that needs periodic cleaning here. You visit some website, go to their download section, and click on the link that sends you an EXE file.

That’s a dangerous habit for your career because it can give your boss the impression that you’re a lightweight – someone who will try to take on everything that comes your way leaving unfinished and half-ass work in your wake.

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which examines rape culture in Ireland and the issue of consent.You won’t find a directory, they’re both part of that single file tree.Technically, you’ll need to learn a whole new filesystem and its architecture; practically, it’s not very hard, but the difference is still there. If you haven’t, here’s an extremely fast crash course: it’s a master database of all the settings on your computer.She spoke to college students, legal experts, victim support groups, and, most movingly, to Niamh Ni Dhomhnaill, who waived her right to anonymity after her former boyfriend received a suspended sentence for raping her whilst she slept.Ni Dhomhnaill says that it wasn't until she told someone else that they pointed out that it was rape.When to ask: “Monday mornings are hectic and everyone’s got a million things on their to-do list—but don’t overlook the opportunity to ask about your boss’ weekend,” suggests Jodi Glickman, author of "Great on the Job: What to Say, How to Say It: The Secrets of Getting Ahead." “It gives you an opportunity to start building a personal relationship and connect on a non-work level.” Try to ask something specific, like if her daughter won her softball game or how the client dinner went—it’ll show you’ve been paying attention.Why it’s important to ask: The more you know about your boss, the better.In a workplace study by the American Psychological Association, up to 75% of respondents said the most stressful aspect of their job is their immediate boss.Here, we asked an expert to share a few key questions you can ask that will help you and your supervisor get on (or stay on) the right track.Linux has made some serious headway over the past decade, elevating itself from “that open source operating system” to “wow, this thing is actually usable!” There’s been a gentle but definite trickle of users away from Windows toward the freer option of Linux and maybe you’re thinking about making that leap. From an objective standpoint, there are real and compelling reasons why you should switch, but I’m not here to convince you one way or the other.