Men who love curvy dating

With perfectly airbrushed skin, limbs so toned and tummies so taut, you'd think the leading ladies in Tinseltown were Photoshopped.

That's why we think it's refreshing to see that some celebrity guys aren't falling for the Barbie doll types.

Well, this one probably doesn’t need to be explained in too much detail, but come on ladies- we all know that men love a woman’s rear-end.

It’s just embedded into their DNA to LOVE a girl’s behind! Curves simply have a womanly appeal, creating a mature and sexy silhouette you won’t find on a younger gal.

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A male friend once accused me of being shallow for saying I didn’t want to date guys shorter than me, but why am I not allowed to say that?

Body type shouldn’t be a dating dealbreaker — keep an open-mind and explore all your options.

But to all the curvy daters out there, we suggest giving the Asian man who viewed your profile a second look.

However, looking closer at the available options – what does the survey really mean by ‘curvy‘?

‘Curvy’ is often used in the media as a euphemism for ‘overweight’, although it can also be used to describe a slightly larger, yet toned woman with tits and arse.